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Nucleic Acid Vaccines

DNA Vaccines

DNA vaccines are using a small, circular piece of DNA (i.e., plasmid DNA or pDNA) to instruct cells to produce protein that triggers immune response. It is the first type of genetic vaccines developed, followed by viral vectors and mRNA. They offer several advantages over traditional vaccines, including


  • the ability to elicit both humoral and cellular immune response,
  • simplicity of production and storage,
  • high stability and safety, and
  • low manufacturing cost.


DNA vaccines have been seen as a versatile platform with many potential applications, primarily in oncology and infectious diseases.


Despite the success of DNA vaccines in veterinary use, there are also several challenges associated with the development and manufacturing of human DNA vaccines. In terms of drug discovery, the use of DNA vaccines requires a thorough understanding of the target antigen and its role in the immune response. This can be challenging, particularly for complex diseases such as cancer. Additionally, the design of an effective DNA vaccine requires careful consideration of factors such as DNA (plasmid) construct, antigen selection and combination, choice of adjuvants, and the method of delivery. The process of developing a DNA vaccine can also be complex and time-consuming. For example, bacterial lysates are highly viscous, and production suffers from low productivity of microbial fermentation and purification is complicated by the fact that plasmids are large, highly negatively charged, and technically demanding to separate from contaminants (including unwanted plasmid isoforms). Furthermore, supercoiled plasmid, the most therapeutically relevant conformation, is shear sensitive which adds another layer of complexity for production.


WuXi Vaccines leverages years of experiences in DNA vaccines and is the partner of choice for the development and supply of pDNA. Our dedicated team and manufacturing facilities aim to provide an unparalleled one-stop vaccine CDMO platform to help your success. It includes but not limited to custom plasmid DNA production, adjuvant screening, and DP development. We offer a wide range of DNA manufacturing services to supply plasmid DNA in all grades and quantities for various applications. We are committed to providing high-quality plasmid DNA manufacturing services to best match your needs fast and at favorable cost.



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